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Welcome to my Excel pages. These have been put together as a summary of my experiences with Microsoft Excel since version 5 in 1994. All data on here has been assembled using Excel 2003, FrontPage 2003, Windows XP SP2, Internet Explorer 6, but most should work in any browser/operating system and Excel versions from 97.  Some of the code may also work in Excel versions before this, but the example files will not open in versions before 97. features available in Excel 2007 and hope to add some special stuff for this new version and a guide to where to find the old familiar features from your previous versions, shortly! Watch this space...

I have been fortunate to be awarded MVP status, by Microsoft for 9 years and make my living entirely out of the IT industry, working as Managing Director of the UK arm of US Company Northern Tool + Equipment Co, MN. ( So, what you see here is totally self-taught, gathering information from world renowned experts in the Excel field through the Microsoft Public Newsgroups and various books, together with a business need and the discovery that I was not quite as useless as I maybe first thought!

"I wanted to draw, play the saxophone or speak another language.  I never succeeded in conquering any, but came close to the language aspiration in VBA".


The above is pretty condemning, but sums up why I am pleased to pass on to others some of my* ideas and experiences, (*and others where noted), in something I have 'semi-mastered'.

I hope you enjoy your visit and find what you're looking for.  If you do, tell others, if you don't...tell me.

Thank you

Nick Hodge

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