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Honda CR-V PC Card – Card, Media Error

April 06, 2008 By: Nick Hodge Category: Technology

This is of little consequence to anyone who regularly reads this blog, but for the archives as I had so much trouble searching for the answer yesterday and this morning, here is the answer to the compatibility or otherwise of the PC card in the new car (Honda CRV 07 on)

It is staggering that the Honda dealers know little about this as I asked the question and got nothing. I called in to the dealer this morning to either try the card I have in their cars or to see if they do it as an accessory, as they should. Even though we know the cost would be lumped up. It at least showed me that the 6-in-1 card I bought, with it’s 2Gb Sandisk Ultra II SD card was NOT compatible as they got the same CARD – MEDIA ERROR on their unit.

I had tried formatting this card as FAT, FAT32 and just about every other format, using the default allocation sizes each time but each time I got the same error.

The fix actually came about by trying a totally different card format and one that is generally not in the ‘multiple card’ type readers. So, if you are in the UK do this…

Go to your local Jessops or and order the Jessops Compact Flash PCMCIA Adapter and any size of Jessops Compact Flash memory card. I have a 2Gb on at £29.99. The reader is a massive £1.99! I believe that the maximum size of card that works reliably in the Honda’s reader is 2Gb. (Larger have been noted but they seem to skip tracks or not show all the folders).

From this position it is ‘plug and play’, no formatting, no special treatment, just copy over the music and you’re away. The car will play the tracks by folder (album), singly or randomly and it works really well with good sound (I have the upgraded HiFi in the EX model). It plays WMA (Windows Media Audio) and MP3 (a la iPod) and shows what file type it is while playing it. The only miss is the name of the track playing which is only available with the iPod upgrade which actually takes over the whole iPod and has some pretty poor reviews (Cost today £135).

Interestingly, apart from the tracks again not showing or being able to control it from the steering wheel controls, inside the compartment in the centre console is a 3.5mm jack plug and 12V accessory plug, which will mean that any MP3 player with 3.5mm headphone socket will plug in here, you will just need a £5.99 lead from Maplin and you’re done. If you then have a car charger you can put it in the compartment, close the lid and forget about it. Obviously to play the music, you need to press the Aux button on the sat nav screen.

So, as a service to those struggling like me, there’s your answer. Be aware there are cheaper CF cards on Amazon or similar, but I know the Jessop’s one works. If you find others just post a comment with the one that does and we can build a library for others.

91 Comments to “Honda CR-V PC Card – Card, Media Error”

  1. Very useful in advance of getting my new CRV. In case it is help to anyone I did the following:

    – Purchased SanDisk CompactFlash Card Adaptor
    – Purchased 16Gb SanDisk Extreme III CF Card
    – Gave the card a label(just in case)
    – Copied MP3 music files to card

    I didn’t do any reformatting to the card.

    When I picked up the car, I popped the adaptor in and it worked!! Beats the CD multichanger I had in the old car. Thanks for all the hints and tips.

  2. Oops – should have said 8Gb Card. Which is probably as big as you can go with the 999 file limit the unit is supposed to have.

  3. Re my post #50 … note that the PC card adapter I bought doesn’t read SDHC so it looks like a 2GB limit :-(

    Now, can I justify buying a CF card adapter and 8GB CF or just stick with the 2GB SD and a 120GB ipod? Guess what the wife says ???!!!!! :-)

  4. Tried a Type II PC card ( Datafab PCMCIA 5-in-1 Adaptor (MMC/SD/SM/MS/MS PRO) with a Kingston 16Gb SDHC card and no joy… FAT32 formatted…

  5. Hi my CR-V fan in England, Anders from Sweden here…. I´ve got the same problem and found this site when I search on google for “media error honda cr-v” ;-)

    I´ve bought the SandDis PC-card adapter but I only got “Media error” Triede smaller card but only the same message!!

    This is how I`ve solved this problem;

    I´ve bought this PC-Card;*NO/articleId*140302/action*2563/searchMode*1/bySearch*30-in-1

    I use a SanDisk Ultra 8GB SD-card. Probably I´ve could use a bigger card, but I was satisfied with this size!!

    BUT there is a minor problem when you use this reader… You have to remove about 3mm on the SD-card so the display could close. There is no problem to do this, there is only plastic on the top of the SD-card. When I´ve done this, the Media Error is no longer a problem and it´s works perfect!!

    Not so expansive either!! :-)

    Good luck!!


  6. Just to say thanks for this article and all the useful info contained therein.

    Having read through everything here, I finally settled on getting a CF reader made by COMPAQ (£3.50 from eBay) and a 4Gb Kingston 133 card for a tenner.

    Works perfectly!

  7. i am a novice blogger & would like to say a big old thank you for all the advice contained in this article. technology is not my forte (!) & i was dreading trying to get the pc card sorted especially as i am on a mac which i thought might muddy the waters further. i have just loaded the contents of my ipod nano on to a 8gb transcend card & it seems to work. maybe this is speaking too soon as the first time i inserted it into the pc card slot it didn’t read the card (no error message though). any way i just reinserted it & it seems to be working fine.
    i have been sitting in my car on the side of the road playing about with the stereo/card (to the amusement of the dustbin men around me) & although i can’t get it to ready my downloaded audio books i’m really pleased to have all my tunes. fingers crossed the first reading was a user error & not something that means it’ll spasmodically read the card when it feels like it. don’t know how i would have done all this without all the free advice – for the record i bought transcend card & adaptor from amazon & a universal reader from tesco (of all places). all this worked fine but i did do that file format thing recommended by alan 33.
    i’ll drive around for a bit over the next few days & let you know if it works & so
    fingers crossed.
    alan, am off to oxfam to donate that fiver!

  8. Hi All – have had the CR-V since Mar 08, fantastic car…diabolical support of the othrwise great HIFI system, local dealer has not idea about the system – I bought what was preported to be a Sandisk CF adaptor on evilbay…well the label said “sandisk” is about a genuine as its likely to get, and it wont work even after formatting, off to waste even more good money on Amazon now and try the Trancend products, if this fails its back to Radio2 ;-)

    I hope some of the pointers on this page come to fruition, very informative (if not adding a little additional confusion in places)

  9. Hi Everybody,

    I di exactly what Gus said in #51:
    – Purchased SanDisk CompactFlash Card Adaptor
    – Purchased 16Gb SanDisk Extreme III CF Card
    – Gave the card a label(just in case)
    – Copied MP3 music files to card

    And it works perfectly with 16Gb card!! Thanks a lot and enjoy your crv!

  10. Did the same as Alicia in #60 and all worked fine. With a 16gb and a 4gb
    Had to convert all my iTunes to MP3 format first.
    Tried a cheaper CF Card and it caused the Sat Nav and audio system to malfunction, the rear camera to stay on and needless to say the music did not play. That will teach me to be a cheapskate.
    It is a bit of a faff having to retitle each album but so much easier and safer than using the iPod.
    Thanks for all the help

  11. Thanks everyone for your advise here – saved me a heap of time.

    I went for the Transcend 8Gb card & adapter based upon posts #39 & #40.

    All MP3’s and works a treat.

    Does take about 20 seconds to read the card now that I’m up to 6.5Gb but a small price to pay.

  12. Some good advice. Honda dealers sell this but do not understand it! We have a 2009 CRV EX. I bought a SanDisk compact flash adapter pc card and a SanDisk Ultra II 8Gb Compact Flash Card. Syncing MP3 files with Windows Media Player is fine PROVIDED that you uncheck the “create folder hierarchy” under sync options. All tracks are then in the root of the card but the Honda audio system sorts them into Artist and Album. This way all works OK. If you do not uncheck the folder hierarchy option then the Honda audio system corrupts some of the files, renaming them, losing artist and album info etc – some but not all tracks, although all tracks still play. Bought the adapter on Amazon Market Place.

  13. Hi,

    I concur with woeful Honda knowledge re PC Cards etc. Have bought Transcend Compactflash Adapter and 1GB PC Card. Being thick I annot for the life of me get my iTunes music to copy to this card. How do I do it please and please keep your explanation really basic as I am v poor on the old computer thing. Fingers crossed that some kind sole will help me .


  14. Just bought a 59 plate CRV wanted to use the card slot. Just bought an unbranded 5-1 pcmcia card reader and a sandisc 1gb sd card formatted it to fat32 labled it vol 0001 dragged music files onto it works great

  15. Hi, i work for kingswood Honda on the Isle of Man and have sold many CR-V EX models and must say we have not had any problems in supplying customers with the correct info for purchasing PC CARD and Adaptor, i am shocked to hear you have all had such hard work with yourt local dealers getting the info you need. “come on boys product knowledge is every thing”

  16. How about sharing that info with us Andrew

  17. We have recently had a CR-V 07 reg and after advice from this blog we purchased the Transcend 4GB card (x133) and Transcend compactflash adapter. Initially we had the “card error” – so we tried the re format as #33. That still not resolve the problem.

    We then changed all files to MP3 format, and hey presto – it all works fine.

  18. Got a new 2010 CR-V model just 3 days old, as an alternative to the PC card slot which I’ve not yet attempted, the USB adaptor in the top glove box with a USB memory stick works just as well. Couldn’t get it to work initially hence I ended up here looking for inspiration (kept getting an “Unsupported media” error message).
    Reformatted the USB stick to FAT32 and it’s all working now. Just simply copied and pasted album folders from my music library in the PC to the stick. Works with both WMA and MP3 files; all folder names, track names etc appear on the satnav screen as desired. Using an 8GB stick no problem (so far!)

  19. Just bought an 07 CRV-ex. what a mess, read all the different blogs and still not able to use the card slot. Tried Maplin adapter no good took it back. Finally bought Transend cf adapter and 4gb Transend card – tried formatting to FAT32, put wma and mp3, in folder, out of folder, empty card I also have a SanDisk 128mb which I have done exactly the same with. This situation is very poor of Honda as people had said Honda dealers haven’t a clue. I am open to any sugestion however trivial!

  20. I have a multi – PC Card adaptor that I got from Maplins and an 8Gb SDHC card from HP. When I put it in the slot on my Honda CRV when I press the closs button all it does is beep at me.
    What have I done wrong??


  21. Thanks to everyone, particularly Geoff Wooldridge. We did as you suggested , bought a Transcend card and adapter – hey presto – it works. No problems !

  22. 71 JK- I ended up taking my car back to Honda as it was still under warranty. I bought the transend adapter and 4gig CF card. Loaded it with music took it the the garage and showed them it does not work and asked them to try it in another CRV and low and behold it worked, so they replaced my complete unit. Mine used to beep because either the adapter is not pushed in far enough or it just does not like the adapter.

  23. In the end I bought a SanDisk CompactFlash Card Adaptor and 8Gb SanDisk Extreme III CF Card which worked perfectly. Shame about the 999 track limit!
    Thanks for all the comments on this blog, saved us all a lot of time, effort and money.

  24. I am a very new blogger but had to write to say a big thank you to everyone especially geoff (38). I followed his instructions exactly and it worked immediately on my 2008 Honda. I used a mixture of MP3 and Windows media Player and all worked equally well.
    Thanks again

  25. Iv’e just purchased 09 CRV EX and have read all the inputs above. Have taken the advice of Gus at 51/52 above ie Sandisk CFA and 4GB Ultra II CF. Inserted into slot and have message ‘No Music’ not unreasonable since I have not loaded any on, but proves unit recognises the above. My problem now is how do I load music from my Dell PC which only supports USBs, a SD/MMC – MS/Pro and an ExpressCard 34/54 mm slots. I’m presumming there will be a cable or do I now need to start again?

  26. Paul,

    You simply need a memory card reader. I use a belkin one and you can pick these up in PC world or any good electrical store. Simply plug the reader into your USB slot , plug your compact flash card into the memory card reader and drag and drop your mp3’s or WMA’s onto it.

  27. Iv’e just purchased 09 CRV EX and have read all the inputs above. l have sandisk CF pc card and 2gb Sandisk ultra CF memory card.l tested in the car and it is just say no l think my pc card and memory is ok.but when l install music file from my pc (window vista) then try in the car all say is file error. try to track in a second then again file eror.
    any idea why it does this please..

  28. Big thanks to all, #37 geoff, followed you advice and spot on so many thanks. Whats is the biggest CF that people have got working correctly?
    Just got my 08 EX, replaced a 2002 RR and i do like the CRV almost more than the RR!

  29. Hi I use a Jessops PCMCIA Adapter and a 2 gig flash card on my 2009 honda crv ex saftey. Also have a dell card reader fitted to my computer. All i do is copy any songs or podcast to the card and pop it back into the slot behind the nav screen. Works fine and i have a Jessops pcmcis adapter spare ! if anyone needs it. My location is Nottingham

  30. Crikey, I didn’t realise this problem would be so widespread. Guess I’m not the only one getting problems with Honda cards.

  31. Tony #77

    Tony thank you have obtained ‘Integral’ CF Card Reader £2.90 from the Internet. Copied from PC hard drive from music library in Windows 7 All working fine. #78-81 see my #76 above.


  32. I just bought an 08 and LOVE it. It looks and feels like a much more expensive car. And despite what people say, the BEST looking part of the car is the front!! That slight “underbite” gives it an aggressive look. And being a Design Director, I am paid well for knowing what looks good!!

  33. Cheers #37 Geoff.
    Followed his advice and bought from via Amazon.
    If you scroll down, Amazon is selling:

    CF PC Card Adapter: Transcend – Card adapter ( CF I ) – PC Card £5.90
    CF Card: Transcend 4GB 133x Ultra Speed Compact Flash Card by Transcend £9.08
    CF Card USB Reader: Single Slot CF Reader £2.89

    All together as a set for £17.87. Works perfectly in my 08 CRV.

    Anyone tried any bigger Transcend 133x cards? Be nice if the 32GB worked!


  34. I was wondering how the PC card slot worked!
    Have ordered a Transcend PCMCIA CF adapter from Amazon and an 8GB Sandisk ultra II 15mb/s from ebay (Fingers Crossed)
    Will try just popping some tracks on it and seeing what happens , and if that doesn’t work i’ll go down the FAT32 way and MP3 only.
    Thanks to all for comments and lets see if it works for me!!

  35. It all works perfect; Get CF Card 4GB/8GB or whatever, record music onto it, push it into Transcend adapter, push adapter into slot within audio system and enjoy –
    Went into Maplins as I wanted to record some music for my brother onto High Speed Compact Flash Card ( I have Transcend but thought I’ll have a look at what Maplins have) I could not stop laughing – they wanted £29.99 for 16GB card. Told them no wonder Amazon is so succesful

  36. Excellent article.

    I am currently using a Transcend PCMCIA Compact Flash adapter with a Transcend 2GB Compact Flash card. I’ve ordered a 4GB card as I am more confident that will work now.

    I think most people having problems with SD cards are using PCMCIA adapters that don’t support SDHC cards.

    I’m adding whatever additional information I find out to my website :

  37. Hi
    I have managed t get the transcend card and adaptor and have converted music to MP3 from Itunes however when I put the card in the car it recognises there is music on there and the names of the songs but it just counts through the tracks without playng any of them! Help

  38. Just wanted to confirm that I too have tried the Transcend adapter and 8GB Transcend CF cards both bought from Amazon as per posts 39 and 40. This did not work straight away, however once I re-formatted the CF card using FAT32 and default allocation size of 32 kilobytes (simple enough under windows 7 – right click CF card/format.) It worked fine.

  39. Annie Campbell says:


    I took the advice of Gus (9) and ordered a SanDisk CompactFlash Card Adaptor and a 2GB Transcend card, only to be told the card adaptor is now discontinued and no longer available.
    I don’t want to spend lots of money on some other adaptor that might not work – anybody got any advice? . . please!

  40. I bought a Transcend CompactFlash Card Adaptor (TSOMCF2PC
    and a Transcend Compact Flash card 4GB 133x
    and an integral CF card reader from Amazon for about £18 so fairly cheap.

    My IPOD had MP4 files which will not play on Honda unit so converted them with Itunes to MP3.

    Copied folder and the MP3 files in it to the card and it plays with NO problems at all. I guess that depending on size the 4Gb card will get about 40 albums on it but remember there is a limit on the Honda unit of 999 tracks.
    Good Luck

  41. Just purchased a CR-V iDTEC EX and because of all the problems I’ve read about
    Compact flash cards and adapters I decided to buy an 8Gb memory stick and use the USB port. Hey presto downloaded 4gig of mp3 music onto the USB Memory stick and Wow fantastic.


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