About Nick Hodge

I am based in Southampton, UK and have run and owned since  May 2014 my own Company, Nick Hodge Associates Limited.

In my professional life I have built up huge experience and knowledge in many areas of business.

Starting work at 16 as a motorcycle mechanic, gave me a very solid technical knowledge that has proved useful in my entire career.

I worked within blue-chip UK tool distributor Draper Tools for 19 years from 1983 holding many positions including Sales Representative, Regional Sales Manager, Sales Manager and Marketing Manager.

In 2002 I joined Northern Tool and Equipment and spent the next 10 years as Managing Director of the UK division with an £11m turnover generated in mail order and internet channels. In that business I gained experience in additional areas such as call-centres, distribution, purchasing, finance, etc. and honed my existing skills of sales and marketing into the arena of mail order and e-commerce. The business was sold in 2011 and I remained with it in various roles until 2014.

For 12 years to 2011, I was recognised by Microsoft as an ‘MVP’ for Excel and have now coupled my deep experience and skills in technology with my operational, sales and marketing ones, to operate a successful, and to my existing clients valuable business, offering very wide and varied services with ‘real world’ knowledge.

The services offered include (but are not limited to)

  • Microsoft Office Application Development and Automation (mainly Excel and Access, but experienced in Outlook, PowerPoint and Word)
  • Application Development in VB.net
  • Database work in SQL Server
  • Data Analytics and Insight
  • Transactional web site production and deployment for SME’s (using OpenCart)
    • Specialising in tool outlets but could be applied to any category
  • Marketing services – including
    • Print
    • E-media (Web sites, Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    • Consultancy (many seem to know what they need but don’t know how to do it or keep it going)
  • Training – including
    • Excel and Access training to an advanced level
    • VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) training. (The programming language in Office applications)
    • Data extraction and visualisation
      • Using Excel, (Power Query and Power Pivot), Access, SQL Server and PowerBI
  • General business consultancy services
    • My broad experience means that often some time spent talking about your business, documenting and setting strategies will re-energise you and give fresh ideas to achieve success.

I have several hobbies but I guess the main ones are football, (I follow Southampton Football Club home and away), beekeeping and astrononomy. Those and my business pretty much keep me occupied 24/7/365!

If you would like to contact me about my services you can do so at nick@nickhodgeassociates.co.uk or on (+44) 07739 428385

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